2020 Wine Fest Table Decorating Contest

Dress in your finest, wackiest outfit and join in the fun!

If we think you are a great example of the festival’s spirit, you will get a free bottle of wine!


2020‘s Table Decorating Theme – The Roaring 20 Twenties

Plan to add to the fun and frivolity by decorating your table at the Schuylkill County Wine Festival on September 6, 2020. Individuals and groups are invited to decorate a table and attempt to win one of five Wine Basket prizes for your display. To be included for a basket, you must register your table on the day of the festival.


Bring your own table and chairs or select a picnic table in the sun or in the shade of the trees. Add to the festivities of the afternoon by decorating your table. You will be able to join the Table Décor Dudes and Divas by registering in the Eating House at the Hegins Park the day of the wine festival. When you register, you will be assigned a number to display on your table and you will also fill out a registration form. Your table number will be placed on a master map.

The following criteria will be used to select 5 extraordinary tables:

1. Please Title your display (ex. Tuscany) using this year’s theme as inspiration.
2. Wine should be included on your table.
3. Table Appointments (tablecloth, placemats, etc. Centerpieces and table items should display creativity.
4. Your table should be unique, original, and have a visual impact.
5. You should have a great time and share your enthusiasm.

6. Be prepared to tell us about your display.

Every year the Table Decorating Contest is a great success! We are pleased to see so many groups put in the time and effort to make their entry special. We hope to see even more entrants in the 2018 event.

Contact Sharol Snyder 570-682-9119

Find us on Facebook to check out the other entries in the table decorating contest in previous years.

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